Successfully ‘Connecting the Dots’ for

National Security & Intelligence

Our Focus

Data2Intel’s solutions are aimed at promoting the security, wellness, and prosperity of our country and its people, as well as those of our security partner nations.

The United States and its Security Partners are under constant attack from terrorists and other criminals. The Counterterrorism (CT) Community has been unable to detect most of these attacks, because the information that was available could not be accurately and timeously pieced together and acted upon before the attacks took place. In each case, the intelligence ‘dots’ were not identified and/or not connected, and therefore, intelligence was not timely shared with the appropriate authorities. After every attack the CT Community and Law Enforcement scramble to find out how it could have happened.

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Connecting the Dots

Common belief is that successfully ‘Connecting the Dots’ before an attack is difficult, if not impossible to do. On the contrary, our technology would have done so successfully, and could have prevented the: Orlando, San Bernardino, Boston, Newtown, Aurora, and Fort Hood attacks, to name just a few; potentially saving many lives, while also preventing the destruction of property.

By successfully ‘Connecting the Dots’, our next-generation technology also offers solutions for many other serious challenges currently facing the Intelligence, Security, and Defense Communities. The ability to derive and share credible and actionable Intelligence in a timely manner is needed across all security missions at the Federal, State, and Local levels, including: Defense, Homeland Security, Counterterrorism, Law Enforcement, Immigration & Customs, Civil Protection & Public Safety, Transportation, Commerce, Ports & Airports, Health, Energy, and the Environment.

The Challenges

Security Agencies are overwhelmed by the tremendous amount of information, and far-too-many potential perpetrators that require surveillance, making it like ‘looking for needles in haystacks’. The three main factors for intelligence failings are the: a) enormous volume of data, b) timing of information and/or intelligence sharing, and, c) lack of coordination and collaboration among security partners, which make it very difficult to ‘get it right’ when Connecting the Dots.

The Solution

Technology is required that can complement the efforts of the CT Community by automatically Connecting all the Dots, prequalifying threats, and highlighting them in real time to those specific Agencies that need to know. This can give Security Agencies and Law Enforcement sufficient time to take action, while allowing them to coordinate and correctly prioritize their efforts, and to efficiently utilize their available resources. Data2Intel has this solution.

Data Collection & Information Fusion

Effective, threat-revealing Intelligence requires all the data from all available and diverse sources to be ingested, and immediately fused; for the data to be current and usable as meaningful information. Partial data results in weak intelligence, and fusing enormous volumes of data manually, is impossible. Our solution intelligently processes high-volume, structured and unstructured, multi-source, multi-format, multi-lingual data in real time. It collects, manages and organizes all the discrete and/or fragmented elements of information generated by humans and tactical devices, stemming from security-related processes. It fuses new information with that already existing in its Knowledge Bank, effectively ‘placing it on the same board’. This includes information held in disparate or disjointed databases, of any level of classification.

Dynamic Intelligence Derivation

The Intelligence Community currently has difficulty in understanding all the information coming in, and discovering trends, relationships, and anomalies that may help it anticipate, interdict and disrupt terrorist and criminal attacks. Its ‘analytical’ approach is mostly reactive. Our solution does all the ‘heavy lifting’ and produces comprehensive, current, credible, focused, and actionable intelligence, including:

>  Automatic Intelligence/Alerts due to perpetual ‘Connecting of the Dots’;
>  Automatic system- and device-initiated interrogations of the Knowledge Bank;
>  Efficient Data Mining by Analysts using the Knowledge Bank;
>  Interrogations by Analysts of the Knowledge Bank, and other linked databases;
>  Contributions of Intelligence (like SAR) by Analysts into the Knowledge Bank; and,
>  Algorithms / Analytical Tools to extract intelligence from the Knowledge Bank.

Risk/Threat Assessment & Mitigation

We cannot rely solely on humans to ‘Connect the Dots’. There is simply too much information to process manually for effective knowledge discovery and threat detection. In almost every attack to date, there was always enough intelligence to prevent it, but it was not all in one place.

Our solution is data-driven (not human initiated). It constantly assesses risk, in real time, for all people based on an unlimited list of evaluation criteria, prequalifies threats, and instantly notifies the appropriate Counterterrorism and Security Personnel for human follow-up activities when it gets a ‘hit’.

Information Sharing & Alerting

Many attacks have succeeded because intelligence did not arrive on time, at the right agencies. Our Information Sharing Framework is a rules-based, automated, workflow-enabled, multi-party, multi-directional, information dissemination hub that shares intelligence in real time across the CT Community, regardless of technical infrastructure. It discretely delivers both system- and human-generated information of any classification level, including: intelligence packets, documents, AWNs, governance and escalation procedures, and coordination protocols. Information is proactively delivered (pushed) in real time, to collaborating partners across: federal, state, local, tribal and territorial authorities, law enforcement, public safety, emergency response, transportation and private sector partners, NGOs, as well as to allied foreign governments and organizations.

Aligning CT Community Efforts

Challenges in coordination between the various Counterterrorism (CT) Community parties due to ‘stove-piping’ of information, and the lack of integration of technologies can be a thing of the past. Our solution serves as an Intelligence Hub for the various agencies’ mission activities, enabling information across systems to be ‘married’ and synchronized, for the timely flow of high-quality intelligence. This framework facilitates seamless integration of disparate and/or disjointed systems, allowing knowledge discovery processes to automatically make use of all ‘islands of information’; and ensures coordination, prioritization, synchronization and transparency across Security Agencies and Law Enforcement.

Strengthening Privacy & Civil Liberties

Citizens want their Privacy and Civil Liberties (CL) protected, while the Government needs to gather additional information in order to improve security through more accurate and credible intelligence. There is a constant tug-of-war (trade-off) between Security and Privacy, but there doesn’t need to be.

Our solution enhances security and intelligence capabilities, while tremendously strengthening Privacy/CL protection, as follows:

>  Automatic Data Collection without human intervention;
>  Automatic Information ‘Searching’ and ‘Connecting the Dots’ (no eyes);
>  System-controlled Analyst Access to information when necessary;
>  System-controlled Access to information by Security Partners;
>  Reduction of Personal Information through reduction in duplication;
>  No Sharing of entire datasets (like watch-lists) with Security Partners; and,
>  Total Transparency and Oversight of Access, with full Audit Trails.