Successfully ‘Connecting the Dots’ for

National Security & Intelligence

About Data2Intel

Data2Intel is a private, Florida, USA-based provider of Information Technology solutions for National Security and Intelligence. While its software’s heritage is in the Defense Industry, due to its versatility, it has also enjoyed great success in other industries, including: Automotive, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Construction, Healthcare, and Payment Systems.

Since 2011, Data2Intel has turned its focus entirely on the tremendous challenges faced in the security space, and has tailored its ‘extremely-fit-for-purpose’ technology to address and resolve such countless, pressing challenges. With a proven track record, we have saved our customers a tremendous amount of time and money related to research, development and implementation projects; coming in at less than one third in cost, and less than one half in project duration, when compared with similarly-sized competitor projects.

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Our Team

Data2Intel’s Management Team has decades of experience and an impeccable track record in business management, project management, the software development lifecycle, and system implementations; having delivered hundreds of successful IT-driven business solutions and automation projects.

The Data2Intel Technical Team includes scientists, software engineers, industrial engineers, analysts, technicians, programmers, and service/support staff of the highest caliber. The Research & Development and Implementation Teams are comprised of IT professionals with strong backgrounds in: Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, and Statistics; who have a wealth of experience in enterprise automation and data-centric business solutions.

Our Culture

Data2Intel delivers efficient, state-of-the-art solutions, and we consider ourselves the leaders in our areas of competency. We carefully assess customers’ unique requirements and verify their business goals to ensure that there is a good fit in the proposed solution, and set clear expectations with regard to system implementation and deliverables. We are committed to innovation, software, and service excellence, and to doing whatever it takes to ensure tremendous results for our customers.

Mission Statement:
”Always striving to be the leaders in cutting-edge security process automation technologies that can make the world safer, with unprecedented gains in efficiency, speed, and cost reduction.”

Our Approach

We produce customer-focused (personalized) business solutions to solve real-world challenges, using proven automation technology as the underlying platform. Customers’ unique requirements are facilitated through built-in system flexibility. We empower our customers by giving them an in-depth understanding and operational know-how of the system, and conduct an extensive knowledge transfer throughout the implementation process, facilitating their true ownership of the ensuing solution.


A proper assessment of customer requirements and goals is achieved through the Data2Intel Business Blueprint-driven implementation methodology that includes: strategies, methods, tactics, and execution. Our Business Blueprints provide a clear understanding of operational expectations, constraints and conditions, and ensure the project’s success. There are many other benefits, including reduced implementation and support team sizes.


We specialize in customer-specific, shrink-wrapped business solutions, and our expert team of SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) has the real-world experience and skills necessary to produce seamless research, development, implementation, and support services; providing all the professional services typical of our project engagements.